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New town festival underway - but without beer tent

Planning for a new town festival is underway. At the beginning of the week, Handelsstaden (the Centre of Commerce) will announce if there will be a festival in July. If there will be a festival then it will be one without food and beer tents.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 4 februari 2019
Kristianstadsdagarna 2016, Stora torg.
Kristianstadsdagarna 2016, Stora torg.Foto: Johanna Wallin

Handelsstaden is planning a festival for four days in July. The initiative comes from Axels Tivoli. A discussion is now underway about where the festival will be held.

The town festival will have funfairs, artists on stage, market stalls and associations that will be able to present themselves.

– If there is going to be a festival, it will be a family friendly town festival where there will be something for everyone, says Eva Richter at Handelsstaden.

There will be no food and beer tents.

– No, no beer tent. There are already many restaurant owners here. There will be no tents with food and drinks in any squares. But there can of course be food trucks with fast food.

– You boost the industry that is in town, so that they have the opportunity to do something with their own outdoor cafés, and maybe expand them, she says.

There are other cities that have similar festivals.

– Many people have missed some type of town festival. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a festival with entry to see artists. You have to consider that it is for local residents and visitors. And something needs to happen in the city center today. There are many people asking for experiences.

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