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New figures: More and more inhabitants in north-east Skåne

Kristianstad, Bromölla, Hässleholm and Östra Göinge are four of the 213 municipalities in the country where the number of inhabitants grew in 2018. New statistics show that more people are born than the number of people dying. And more people are moving to the region.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 25 februari 2019 • Uppdaterad 26 februari 2019
More people are moving to Kristianstad, Bromölla, Hässleholm and Östra Göinge.
More people are moving to Kristianstad, Bromölla, Hässleholm and Östra Göinge.Foto: Bosse Nilsson

At the end of the year, Kristianstad had 84 908 inhabitants, an increase of 757 people, which is 0,9 per cent. This is shown in new statistics from Statistics Sweden. This means that Kristianstad is just below Sweden's average of 1,1 percent increase in 2018.

– It is attractive and people are moving here. It is important that the countryside grows. But there are challenges with the growing population, says Pierre Månsson (L), Municipal Commissioner.

In Kristianstad, more people are born than the number of people dying, more immigrate than emigrate and more move here than move away from the municipality.

– It is good that many children are born. But we are in a costly period where we are building new schools and preschools. We are a bit like an hourglass. We have many elderly and many children, he says.

Even the neighbouring municipalities have grown. Both Bromölla and Östra Göinge are just above the national average. Hässleholm has not grown as much.

In all four municipalities, the number of people moving in was larger than those moving out. In terms of Sweden's total population, it is also continuing to grow.

On the last day of December in 2018, the population of Sweden was 10 230 185 persons - an increase of almost 110 000 people compared to 2017.

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