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New, closer cooperation against crime

From having had a meeting once every three months, they now meet once a week. All to hinder crime in Kristianstad municipality.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 20 februari 2019

The municipality and the police have signed a new co-operation agreement which is more strategic than before. Three areas are in focus - the municipality's vulnerable areas, Charlottesborg and Gamlegården, which they want to work strategically with over a long period, the crime prevention board, which co-operates and follows up decisions, and a weekly meeting between the police and the municipality in which the emergency services and the municipality's drug and crime prevention co-ordinators, all take part.

In particular the last point will mean changes. Up till now, follow-up meetings were held once every three months, but this was not effective. Starting after New Year they meet once a week to check the current situation.The purpose is both to work with crime prevention and to engage actively to combat ongoing crime.

This is a long-term project. It is also important that the whole municipality is involved when we look at the problem landscape, the majority of the people in the municipality do not live in the town, says security manager Anders Poppius.

Åsa CarlssonSkicka e-post