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New bathhouse: Construction of Kristianstad's new Badrike has been inaugurated

On Tuesday, the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the new bathhouse in Näsby took place. It will be named Kristianstad's Badrike (Kristianstad’s Bathing Kingdom) and will be ready in summer 2022.
William Nilsson from Simförskolan Sally helped Municipal Councillor Pierre Månsson (L) with laying the foundation of the new bathhouse.
Foto: Mikael Persson

Municipal Councillor Pierre Månsson (L) welcomed many guests who were invited to the large construction site at Krinova.

– I think this is a very exciting day because it’s the ground-breaking ceremony for the new bathhouse, he said.

Ulrika Cedell, Head of Culture and Leisure and Recreation Services, was also present. She promised a smart and well thought out bathhouse for everyone. She said that the bathhouse will be named "Kristianstad’s Badrike".

– It's a name for a bathhouse that is rich in experiences and is for everyone, she explained.

The children from Simförskolan Sally got to accompany them into the worksite for the new bathhouse.
Foto: Mikael Persson

Politicians have been aware of the need to renovate the Tivoli Bathhouse for many years. But in 2012 it was clear that the swimming pool is in poor condition, it cannot be patched up and mended. So plans for a brand new bathhouse gained momentum.

There has been great political disagreement about a new bathhouse. The Municipal Council's Chairman Peter Johansson and his party The Moderates, as well as KD, have been working towards a bathhouse in Näsby. It also became one of the major election issues for the two parties' ahead of the 2018 election.

Pierre Månsson had good help from William Nilsson from Simförskolan Sally. Simförskolan Sally spends many hours a week in the bathhouse. Many of the children, therefore, got the honour of attending the ceremony on Tuesday.

Kristianstad Sportdykarklubb and KSLS, among others, were also present and told us what the new bathhouse means to them.

Asta Franzén, 93, is an exercise swimmer. She was helped by Municipal Councillor Pierre Månsson (L) with the ground-breaking ceremony.
Foto: Mikael Persson

Asta Franzén, 93 years old and a diligent exercise swimmer at the Tivoli Bathhouse, was also present, wearing a bathrobe and bathing cap. She wants more space to swim for exercise.

– It's good if we get to use more swimming lanes now, so we get more time and can reduce the queue, she said.

Peab's plan is that by the summer of 2022 everything should be ready.


Kristianstad's Badrike: What has happened

2009 The first vision of renovating and expanding the Tivoli Bathhouse is presented.
2012 Technicians condemn the Tivoli Bathhouse; it’s in too bad a condition to be renovated.
2013 A new bathhouse is included in the investment plan. There are 11 possible locations.
2014 Söder by Kristianstad Arena is considered the most economical.
2015 Suddenly Söder is no longer most economical anymore. The Moderates want to build near the railway area, but the Swedish Transport Administration cannot give clearance of the land. In December, the decision is made that the bathhouse will be located in Näsby. Cost: 340 million with an operating net (annual cost) of maximum18.5 million crowns.
2018 After many political turns, a new price tag is given in the municipal council: 465 million. It is election year and a new Alliance board is formed. The governing parties agree that they do not agree on the bathhouse. The price rises to 487 million.
2019 The Municipal Council agrees to the KSLS swimming club's demand for ten swimming lanes. In September, the Municipal Council makes a decision on when to start and that the price will be 510 million plus 15 million for infrastructure, among other things. In November, the groundwork begins in Näsby.
2020 The ground-breaking ceremony takes places on February 11th. The plan’s inauguration is in the spring of 2022. It’s about a year and a half later than was originally planned.