National tests in schools cancelled in spring

Peter Fredriksson, Director-general of Skolverket.
Peter Fredriksson, Director-general of Skolverket.
Foto:Claudio Bresciani/TT

All national tests in primary and secondary schools in spring have been cancelled. The decision was made by Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education). The reason being the corona pandemic.

Schools are facing an uncertain situation. Many pupils are absent and there’s a lack of teachers. There is, therefore, a great risk that the tests will not be conducted in the way intended, says Peter Fredriksson, Director-general of Skolverket in a press release.

Corona: new law makes it possible to close schools

The background is the most uncertain situation for schools. Upper secondary school students are already doing distance learning to reduce the spread of infection. It’s also possible to close primary schools and preschools in an emergency.

So far, however, the message from the government and infection control experts has been clear: schools and primary schools should stay open for as long as possible.