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More must be tested for sexually transmitted diseases

Since 2015, 23 people in Skåne have had to be tested to see if they were sufferng from any sexually transmitted disease - STD. Skåne is the region with the second-highest rate of infection in the country.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 2 augusti 2019
Foto: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

STD such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are serious infections, which means that they must be reported to the authorities. It also means that the infected persons must give information about their sexual contacts.

But a number of people who have been called to be tested for possible infection have not turned up for the test.

In such cases the doctor responsible must take stronger action – compulsory examination.

With the help of administrative measures the doctor applies for an injunction to make the person undergo a compulsory examination. When the injunction comes into efffect the police can fetch the individual and take him to be tested.

Anders Tegnell, head of the national Institute for infectious Disease Control, tells Siren:

– As far as compulsory examination is concerned, by far the majority of cases concern chlamydia and gonorrhea,.

– You can say that it’s protection of society from individuals who refuse to take responsibility themselves.

Siren has gone through records which show that the administrative law for compulsory examinations has been used in 104 cases since 2015, 100 men and 4 women.

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