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Monthly bus pass may become much more expensive

The monthly bus pass to travel in Kristianstad may be increased from 450 to 550 crowns, an increase of 22 per cent. The proposal was put forward by Skånetrafiken.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 5 februari 2019

In big cities, a monthly pass (30 days) costs 550 crowns. Now Skånetrafiken wants the pass to cost the same in smaller cities. The proposal was put forward by Skånetrafiken in its internal budget. The Public Transport Committee in Region Skåne will make a decision on the budget on Friday.

Andres Schönström (S) is the second Vice Chairman of the Committee. He is very critical of the supporting documents he received before the meeting on Friday.

- I am a member of the Regional Board, in the Regional Council and Municipal Council in Malmö. But I have never before received such a bad basis for making decisions.

Skånetrafiken has a turnover of 6.2 billion crowns. There are, among other things, suggestions that lines should be closed.

Schönström thinks that those who live in eastern Skåne will have to pay more for worse public transport, if the proposals become reality.

Clifford JohansenSkicka e-post
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