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Maryam Hasan has started a group with ambitions

Maryam Hasan has a burning ambition to help others and share her knowledge. In spite of difficulties in finding premises she started a group at Österäng. The group has many activities, and the level of ambition is high.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 19 juni 2019
Children learn Arabic, level 1.
Children learn Arabic, level 1.Foto: Sofyan Aswad

Maryam Hasan, 62, has wide experience of group activities in Syria. Now she is carrying on her good work here in Sweden.

She has been enthusiastic right from her first day in Sweden, and spreads a positive atmosphere wherever she goes.

– I want to help children, women who are on maternity leave, people who don’t have a residence permit. That’s why I ’ve worked so hard to give them support.

Eighteen months ago she managed to start a ”Culture and Handicrafts” group at Österäng. The group works in different areas, for instance teaching Arabic, Swedish, IT, art, crafts and needlework.

Maryam Hasan shows Jalal Taha how to form an Arabic letter.
Maryam Hasan shows Jalal Taha how to form an Arabic letter.Foto: Sofyan Aswad

– Thanks to Österäng church we have somewhere to hold our activities, such as teaching children Arabic, says Maryam.

Sham Khadam, aged eight, is learning Arabic. She says:

– My Arabic is much better, thanks to the group. I like it here. Coming here is gives me a lot .

Maryam sees to it that their activities increase understanding between people who have grown up in Sweden and those who have just arrived.

– We have get-togethers at different times that everyone an take part in, where everyone can talk to everyone else, she says.

Sham Khadam is learning  Arabic – she likes coming to the group.
Sham Khadam is learning Arabic – she likes coming to the group.Foto: Sofyan Aswad
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