Many expected to vote in advance in the EU elections

From Wednesday, it will be possible to vote in advance in the EU election
From Wednesday, it will be possible to vote in advance in the EU election
Foto:Bosse Nilsson

From Wednesday, it will be possible to vote in advance in the EU election. 6, 670 Kristianstad residents voted in advance at the last EU election in 2014. It is a figure that those responsible think will grow.

- We have estimated that between 8,000 and 10,000 people will vote in advance, says the Election Coordinator Malin Bergkvist.

What do you think the increase is due to?

- I think that people don’t want to be tied up, you want to be able to choose yourself when to go and vote. The EU election is also not as formal as Election Day when there is a parliamentary election, says Malin Bergkvist.

Quite a few people seized the opportunity to go to the Town Hall when the advance voting started on Wednesday.

- We have 102 who have voted right now and soon it will be 104, says Anca Alecu at Kristianstadsbladet's impact in the afternoon and nods towards Eva and Mats Olsson who are standing in the electoral booth.

They usually vote in advance.

- It's nice to get it over and done with, says Eva Olsson.

What is the most important question do you think?

- Community development in Sweden and Europe, says Mats Olsson.

Kristianstad Municipality has recruited around 300 vote takers and it will be possible to vote in advance in 20 places around the municipality, with slightly different opening hours. On Election Day there will be 43 polling stations.

In Kristianstad, 25 per cent of those who participated in the EU elections in 2014 chose to vote in advance. It is slightly lower than the country in general. The most diligent at advance voting in Skåne were Bromölla residents, with a share of 50 per cent.

The voter turnout overall in Kristianstad was 41.27 per cent at the last EU election.


How many voted in advance in the EU elections 2014

In order to vote in advance you need an electoral card and a form of ID. It is only possible to vote in advance once, but it is possible to withdraw it and vote on Election Day in your own polling station.

Kristianstad: 6,770

Bromölla: 2,485

Hässleholm: 4,523

Östra Göinge: 1,006

Entire country: Around 1.3 million, which was a share of just over 30 per cent.

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