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Kristianstad residents have great luck in gambling

In 2018, Svenska Spel paid out approximately 35 million crowns to Kristianstad residents in winnings from gambling.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 7 januari 2019

In April 2018, two people in Kristianstad won ten million crowns each. Pierre Jonsson and his colleagues at Svenska Spel found one winner quickly. The second winner took some time to get hold of.

– This is one of the most unbelievable things to happen. It’s never happened in the history of the world, that two people have won so much money within just ten days of each other, in a small town like Kristianstad, Pierre Jonsson told Kristianstadsbladet.

Svenska Spels vinnargeneral Pierre Jonsson. Vinnartårta. Svenska Spel. Lottomiljonär.
Svenska Spels vinnargeneral Pierre Jonsson. Vinnartårta. Svenska Spel. Lottomiljonär.

In November 2018, a man in Kristianstad won eight and a half million crowns.

What is their reaction usually like when you call and tell them?

- During my years I have probably experienced most things. Cheers, laughter, surprise, silence, hesitation, calm. But in the end it has always worked out and the winners were satisfied and happy.

Why are there so many winners in Kristianstad?

– That’s a question that there is no real answer to. Chance has no memory. But sometimes during periods, there are more winnings in some parts of the country.

Caption: On August 4th, someone from Kristianstad won 2.1 million crowns on Lotto.

Two wins at Joker gave each 10 million crowns in 2018.

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