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Kristianstad municipality called for a meeting on returning IS fighters

On the 24th of April, the ”Swedish Centre for Preventing Violent Extremism” (CVE) has called 41 municipalities for a meeting. Kristianstad is one of the municipalities. The meeting will address how the municipalities should handle IS fighters who have returned to Sweden, or who are on their way to Sweden. Radovan Javurek (L) says that "there is no concrete terrorist threat whatsoever to Kristianstad or its inhabitants as a result of this."
Kristianstad • Publicerad 10 april 2019
IS-fighter marches in Raqqa 2014.
IS-fighter marches in Raqqa 2014.Foto: Uncredited

Anders Kretz is a senior advisor at CVE.

Why should Kristianstad attend the meeting?

– Municipalities that have returnees who are back in Sweden, or who are coming here have been invited to the meeting, he says.

What applies for Kristianstad?

– We have no information about which category Kristianstad falls in, whether it’s people who are in Sweden or who are on their way. The information we have is that Kristianstad has IS returnees who have already returned or are on their way.

The meeting on the 24th of April in Stockholm is an informational meeting.

– We will discuss what a returnee is, what they may have done in Syria and what legislation applies, says Anders Kretz.

Anna Nordin who is the municipality's Drug and Crime Prevention Coordinator has received the invitation.

Can Kristianstad expect returning IS fighters?

– I don't know how to answer that question. Säpo (the Swedish Security Service) has said that Sweden can expect returning IS fighters. But they haven’t said which municipalities.

Are there known cases of people from Kristianstad who have travelled to Syria to fight for IS?

- Not that I’m aware of, she answers.

Who knows?

– Säpo.

The Chairman of the Work and Welfare board Radovan Javurek (L) has received information from Säpo. He tones down the information.

– We have received information. It says that there is no concrete terrorist threat against Kristianstad or its inhabitants as a result of this, he says.

Radovan Javurek, the Chairman of the Work and Welfare board.
Radovan Javurek, the Chairman of the Work and Welfare board.Foto: Victor Lindstammer
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