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Kristianstad is best school municipality in northeast Skåne

Kristianstad is the best school municipality in northeast Skåne. Hässleholm has climbed up the list the most. Osby, which comes in place 208 out of 290 municipalities, is the worst.
Östra Göinge is also at the lower end of the list, coming in at place188. This is shown in the Swedish Teachers’ Unions (Lärarförbundets) list of “Best school municipality” for 2019.
Kristianstad/Östra Göinge • Publicerad 18 oktober 2019
Every year, the Swedish Teachers' Union makes a list of how good the schools are in all 290 municipalities.
Every year, the Swedish Teachers' Union makes a list of how good the schools are in all 290 municipalities.Foto: Pontus Lundahl/TT

Every year, the trade union, the Swedish Teachers' Union makes a list of Sweden's best school municipalities. The 2019 list is ready. Kristianstad has slipped from place 67 to place 78 out of 290 municipalities. Hässleholm has made a sharp climb and has landed at place 87, compared to its ranking of 104 last year.

But the Swedish Teachers' Union writes that the list has been made in a completely new way this year. It is therefore difficult to compare it to previous years' rankings.

Lots of different criteria show how the municipalities have chosen to invest in schools. The Swedish Teachers’ Union factors in, for example, that there is a big difference between the municipalities and the parents' level of education.

Included in the assessment are municipal schools, free schools, secondary schools, preschools and after school centres.

Kenth Olsson, Head of the Children and Education administration in Kristianstad, is not satisfied with the ranking.

– We look at what distinguishes us positively and negatively. Then we work to improve the achievement, he says.

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