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Jojo card triggers theft alarm in Ica Maxi

Has the store alarm gone off in Ica Maxi in Kristianstad even if you haven't stolen anything? Then it may be because you have double Jojo cards in your wallet.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 26 juli 2019

- They can transmit the same frequency that is in our alarms, says store manager Johan Ramlund.

It is not entirely uncommon for store alarms to go off if tags are forgotten, for example, on a newly purchased garment.

But now a new potential culprit has been discovered in the drama.

In Ica Maxi in Kristianstad the store alarm has gone off a number of times because of the amount of cards the customer has had in their wallet. And it’s because of a specific card from Skånetrafiken.

- When you have double Jojo cards, they can send off the same frequency that is in our alarms, says Johan Ramlund, store manager at Ica Maxi in Kristianstad.

Skånetrafiken's response is delayed

He says they will not fix the problem.

- No, it's up to those who manufactured the machines. Then it's not a big problem for us either, it’s only happened a few times. As I have understood it, those who design the alarms are in contact with the manufacturer of the Jojo cards to find a solution to the problem.

It is currently unclear whether the problem concerns more stores and, for that matter, other types of cards.

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