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Inga-Lill Bengtsson: Inga-Lill Bengtsson: "The climate is warm, but we are living in cold times"

Last year the average temperature in Kristianstad was 9.7 degrees.That is the highest temperature noted since records started being kept in 1880. And up till now the winter has been mild. The climate is warm, but we are living in cold times.
Inga-Lill BengtssonSkicka e-post
Kristianstad • Publicerad 31 januari 2020
Inga-Lill Bengtsson
Detta är en personligt skriven text i Mosaik Kristianstadsbladet. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.
Inga-Lill Bengtsson, editor Kb Mosaik.
Inga-Lill Bengtsson, editor Kb Mosaik.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

Every day for 140 years the temperature in Kristianstad has been recorded. Since the 18th century we in Sweden have kept records of meteorological observations. We are good at statistics, accustomed to being careful. To keep statistics, to follow long-term developments. To be careful to base our views on facts.

”No-one has ever died of too much love and kindness”
Inga-Lill Bengtsson

I feel secure for the most part, both at home and at work. All the people I meet are pleasant and friendly. That is a fact. But I can understand that people living at Gamlegården and Långebro feel unsafe. Two young men have died in shooting incidents within a short time. It makes me sad to think of families that are affected, especially children. Who do they have to look up to?

As Confucius said as long ago as in 555 BC, it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

A light in the darkness was the meeting between politicians and the Islamic congregation at Näsby. Everyone must help with security patrolling, organisations must work together to find activities for young people.

”Everything that can cause harm to someone, by word or by deed, is forbidden. You must respect other people's need for safety and security”
imam Shaaban Abouzur, about islamic rules of behaviour

– We've been trying hard for a long time. In sermons and lessons we talk about the Islamic view of what is going on. Everything that can cause harm to someone, by word or by deed, is forbidden. You must respect other people's need for safety and security. This also applies to public property and activities. We work all the time with children and young people, with those who have done wrong as well. But not all children and young people come to us, says imam Shaaban Abouzur.

After the meeting the chairman of the municipal council, Peter Johansson (M) wrote on Facebook: Just you wait!! followed by an emoji showing a strong arm and a clenched fist.

We must put a stop to violence. But without using our fists. I interpret the strong arm as an expression of our determination to work together to reach a good result. Less violence, more security.

Snowdrops and winter aconite bloom already.
Snowdrops and winter aconite bloom already.Foto: Tomas Oneborg / SvD / TT

In this issue of Kb Mosaik you can read about Ihab Alsaab who found a job as a joiner, which is similar to what he did in Syria. He has found a permanent job at Jada Montage. Read about him on pages 6-8. The real cost of health care is much higher than what you pay. For example you pay 200 crowns for a visit to the doctor. The true cost, including staff, equipment, premises etc., is 1 640 crowns.

On 14th February we celebrate Valentine's day. We should have one every month all the year round. No-one has ever died of too much love and kindness. Take the chance to enjoy a ”semla” too – the recipe is on page 12. I've cheated a bit and started already.

We've said goodbye to one of our reporters, Mohamad Kanina – we miss him a lot. And we say hello to our trainee Taghreed Aljbawi. Welcome!