Inga-Lill Bengtsson : ”It's a fine little oasis – at Charlottesborg”

Inga-Lill Bengtsson.
Inga-Lill Bengtsson.
Foto:Inga-Lill Bengtsson

We’re moving towards brighter times. In any case I’m looking forward to lights that are lit in all the windows, stars and Christmas trees here and there. In the winter darkness we need all the light we can get.

Not so light is the polarisation between groups in the community.We need more understanding between new Swedes and ’old Swedes’. To get together and talk is one way to meet and to challenge values.

Researchers from World Values Survey (WVS) were in Kristianstad recently. Since 1981 WVS has examined sociocultural, ethical, religious and political values in different cultures all over the world.

Through time our values change. And people who move from one land to another, how does the move change a person’s set of values?

For a few days newcomers to Kristianstad were asked to answer questions about values, what language they speak at home, what views they have on equal rights for women, homosexuality and so on.

The result of the survey will come out in February. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it.

In this edition we intended to have ”Living” as the main theme. But other kinds of news have claimed attention. The elections have had repercussions in the municipal council, Abdikarim Hassan has become an independent member. Some Social Democrats are disappointed with their party.

Last year the emergency services were the target for fireworks at Charlottesborg. Fireworks can be fun to watch, but young people under 18 are nor allowed to handle them. They expose themselves and others to danger. Dogs and cats are terrified too. We have met Monika Bogdanowicz and her well-behaved dog Bubba, who is hoping for a quiet holiday and only bangers on New Year’s Eve.

In this issue we also write about the building scandal in Östra Göinge that Kristianstadsbladet ferreted out. Read about the Taher-Hassans who took a big step and moved from Näsby to Yngsjö. Moira Uggla writes in her chronicle about how she moved temporarily to a flat, where she feels very much at home. It's a fine little oasis – at Charlottesborg.

We've met so many fantastic people during the past year. And we can look forward to the coming year with confidence. Kb Mosaik will be issued next year as well, thanks to Sparbanksstiftelsen 1826, the municipalities of Kristianstad and Östra Göinge and the Job Centre.

We promise to return to the subject of ”Living” later. And We'll have lots of news and stories as well.

Last but not least: In the last number we congratulated KDFF, who managed to win their first-ever medal in the National Women's Football League.

Congratulations too to KFC, who accomplished an equally impressive feat by miraculously keeping their place in the First Division. And it also looks as if the club will be able to pay off its debts of 6,7 million crowns and avoid going bankrupt – in less than a year.

– It shows that if you just do your very best, things will work out, says Andreas Andersson, acting chairman of KFC.

That is very true.

We say ”congratulations” and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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The match between Kristianstad FC and Åtvidaberg ended 1-0. Paulo Ippoliti scored the winning goal that keeps KFC in the First Division.
Foto: Bosse Nilsson
The match between Kristianstad FC and Åtvidaberg ended 1-0. Paulo Ippoliti scored the winning goal that keeps KFC in the First Division.