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Incident on JH Dahlsgatan: The trial of the suspected kidnapper was suspended

Many witnesses saw two naked men running on the roof on JH Dahlsgatan on August 12th. Now the trial is underway against a 25-year-old, one of the naked men. He is suspected of kidnapping and stabbing a newspaper carrier. A medical certificate shows the suspicion that the 25-year-old is seriously mentally ill.
The newspaper carrier managed to escape via the roof.
Foto: Ur polisens förundersökning

The newspaper carrier was the other naked man on the roof. He was forced to undress himself, take drugs and beg for his life. The torture lasted for more than five hours before he managed to escape via the roof.

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old was questioned during the trial. Three prison guards brought him into the hall. He wore handcuffs that were attached to a waist belt.

During the questioning he told them about the weekend before the incident. He was drunk, had used drugs and had been arrested by the police. When he was released he continued to party. The 25-year-old says that a friend "trolled him".

Early in the morning of August 12th, the 25-year-old attacked the newspaper carrier who he believed to be a police officer or a member of a gang. The 25-year-old had a knife on him. He forced the newspaper carrier to drink alcohol, take drugs and take off his clothes. When they got to the 25-year-old's apartment, he slashed the newspaper carrier with a knife on his back, on his head and on his entire body.

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The knives used by the suspect.
Foto: Ur polisens förundersökning

The prosecutor asked several questions, but the 25-year-old sat quietly for a long time before he answered. He looked down at the floor constantly.

After an hour, the trial was paused. After the break, the 25-year-old was completely unresponsive. The trial was suspended. A medical certificate shows the suspicion that he is seriously mentally ill.

The 25-year-old is suspected of kidnapping, two cases of extreme aggravated assault, two cases of gross trespassing and drug offences.

The prosecutor demands that he should be deported.

The suspected man committed crimes against four people including one child, in various apartments on JH Dahlsgatan and Östra Boulevarden.

The plan is that the trial will end on January 13th. The trial is open to the public.