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Imam appeals: "Pray Friday prayer at home"

The Friday prayer in the mosque at Gamlegården will go ahead, but only for those who live closest to the mosque in Gamlegården. The congregation urges Muslims living further away to pray in other places of prayer, at their jobs or at home.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 13 mars 2020
"We have to take this seriously", says Shaaban Abou Zur about the fear of the coronavirus spreading.
"We have to take this seriously", says Shaaban Abou Zur about the fear of the coronavirus spreading.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

Imam Shabaan Abou Zur explains that the congregation has posted the information on social media and on the congregation's website. The congregation wants to play its part in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

– It’s important to take this seriously. We encourage our sisters, women and old people not to come to the mosque, says Shabaan Abu Zur, Imam of the Islamic Association in Kristianstad.

There are other places of prayer, for both Shia’s and Sunni’s in Kristianstad.

– We will only hold a brief prayer, not a large gathering on Friday.

The congregation's other activities are suspended until March 31st. This applies to teaching for children, young people and adults,

Will you make new decisions over time?

– Yes we will. I don't think many people will attend Friday prayers. I have been in contact with other congregations, both in Stockholm and Gothenburg, they’re doing the same.


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