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Illegal taxis on the rise: "It’s a disaster right now," says CEO of taxi company

The problem with illegal taxis has increased a lot in Kristianstad. Taxi companies are now demanding that the municipality and the police do something about it. "It’s a disaster right now," says Stefan Liljequist, CEO of Taxi Allians. One solution is extending the driving ban in the city centre.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 9 april 2019
Ordförande Taxi Allians Kristianstad Stefan Liljeqvist.
Ordförande Taxi Allians Kristianstad Stefan Liljeqvist.Foto: Tommy Svensson

The problem of illegal taxis in central Kristianstad has increased a lot in just a few years.

– A few years ago we had eight cars available on the weekends. Now we have reduced it to four. Two of these cars are due to illegal taxis. We lose 4,000 crowns per car and evening, says Stefan Liljequist.

– There operate like bouncers standing outside the bars. They talk to the guests when it’s time for them to go home. They also drive around the town, roll down the windows and ask people if they want a lift, he says.

Stefan Liljequist has called for a meeting with the police and the municipality. One suggestion is to extend the zone for driving bans during evening hours. The driving ban was introduced in 2005 around Stora Torg.

– I want the driving ban to be extended down to the crossing near Nya Boulevarden and Östra Boulevarden as well as Tyggårdsgatan and Östra Boulevarden. And the theatre, says Stefan Liljequist.

It would put an end to the illegal taxis that are parked on Tyggårdsgatan and Östra Vallgatan.

He also thinks that taxi companies can arrange a common taxi queue or taxi zone.

Bertil Persson at Taxi GPS agrees with Stefan Liljequist.

– The feeling during the weekends is difficult to describe. It hasn't been threatening, but it feels like they don't want us to be there, says Bertil Persson.

Municipal police Martin Thornell is aware of the problem. It is often difficult to prosecute someone for driving an illegal taxi, he says.

– But everyone can do something. I think that more police presence is not the only solution. It’s always good if someone tips the police off if someone is working with illegal taxis. And you can choose not to get in an illegal taxi, he says.

Martin Thornell, municipal police.
Martin Thornell, municipal police.Foto: Tommy Svensson
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