How to talk to children about the coronavirus - new guide in several languages

Take the time to listen, let the child ask questions, stick to the facts and be calm. This is some of the advice that Save the Children and Friends give for talking to children who are worried. Save the Children’s guide is available in several languages.

The new coronavirus is affecting a lot of things in society. Many children are deeply concerned, says the organisation Save the Children. Maybe the child is not allowed to meet their grandparents; he or she may worry that their school is closing.

Save the Children is now releasing a guide in several languages on how to talk about the concerns. The guide is available in Swedish, English, Spanish and Arabic.

– Sometimes it's difficult to express your thoughts. Save the Children has therefore developed guides for both children and parents. It addresses what to think about, how to have the courage to talk about one’s concerns and what children can do to take their mind off it, says Helena Thybell, Secretary-General of Save the Children in a press release.

Concerns about being infected have led to an increase in racial abuse and bullying in schools. Several media outlets have written about it. The organisation Friends has therefore also issued advice on how to talk to children and young people about the virus, especially about the dangers of spreading rumours.

You can find Save the Children's guide in several languages here.