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Horticulture: New store, ten new jobs and at least 35 seasonal jobs

One of Sweden's largest e-commerce companies within horticulture is moving to Kristianstad. Now the company is also opening a garden centre and starting its own production of plants. There could be up to ten new jobs and 35-45 seasonal jobs.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 14 februari 2020 • Uppdaterad 17 februari 2020
Stefan Johansson gives the plants water.
Stefan Johansson gives the plants water.Foto: Clifford Johansen

The e-commerce company Odla.nu is moving to Kristianstad. The company started in Sösdala over 20 years ago. It has been difficult to expand there. They are therefore moving into premises measuring 9,300 square metres, outside of Viby.

– We have rebuilt the greenhouses. We have turned some parts into a warehouse for trading, says Site Manager Bengt Håkansson.

– There will be around 10 new permanent employees. We will then bring in 35-45 people for seasonal employment, in Sösdala we used to bring in about 30 people, says Bengt Håkansson.

In the new premises, the company is starting its own production of plants, including pansies, primulas, petunias and tomato plants.

On March 7th, the company will also open its first store in the new premises.

– We think it can work even with a physical plant shop, now C4 Shopping has been built with a lot of residential areas around it, he says.

Odla.nu started as an online forum for those interested in horticulture and started fast with e-commerce. The company is now owned by the Bonnier Group. The site has a turnover of approximately 26 million crowns and has 13-14 million visitors per year.

Odla.nu is starting its own production (including petunias) and a garden centre in Kristianstad. Stock images.
Odla.nu is starting its own production (including petunias) and a garden centre in Kristianstad. Stock images.Foto: Johanna Eriksson
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