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Hoisted flags on Sweden's national day – follow events on the net

Tomorrow, 6th June, is Sweden's national day. The day is marked with hoisted flags and celebrations in parks all over the country. This year things will be different. Nevertheless the day will be celebrated, and everyone can join in, on video.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 5 juni 2020

At the beginning of the 20th century several countries in Europe thought there should be a greater awareness of their own country and people, nationalism was widespread at the time. Sweden did not have a national day, and some people thought it was high time to have one.

When the First World War broke out-out- people in various parts of Sweden celebrated ”Sweden's flag” day on 6th June. Then the day began to be celebrated by more and more people. 6th June did not be come an official national day until 1983, and it took many years before it became ”red” day in the calendar, that is, a work-free day. It did not become a national holiday until 2005.

There are two important reasons for celebrating on 6th June. On that day in 1523 Gustav Vasa was elected by parlament to be king, and on 6th June 1809 Sweden's constitutional laws were signed. The constitutional laws are of great importance as regards human rights.

The constitutional lawsestablish everyone's right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Everyone has the right to speak and write abot whatever they wish without the risk of being sent to prison.


Celebrate the national day at a distance

Because of the corona virus, attendance at celebrations has to be limited.

11.00: This year Hässleholm municipality will send its national day celebrations live on Youtube from Hässleholm Kulturhus.

14.00: National day parachute jump over central Kristianstad. The jump will be filmed and posted on the municipality's homepage.

There will be a link to the broadcast:



Ellinor Ekdahl
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