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Here are the hottest future jobs

In five years, 100 000 people will be needed in several industries. Therefore, there are good chances of getting a job according to Arbetsförmedlingen (the Job Centre). But you have to go on a course or have the right training. The 15th of April is the last day to apply for autumn courses at colleges and universities.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 10 april 2019
Det finns många bristyrken i framtiden. Arbetsförmedlingen har en lista på vilka det är.
Det finns många bristyrken i framtiden. Arbetsförmedlingen har en lista på vilka det är.Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

There are very good chances of getting jobs as midwives, nurses, teachers, engineers, IT specialists, electricians, assistant nurses, cooks and joiners.

This is what the Job Centre has written in its labour market forecast until 2024. The forecasts are based on interviews with more than 14,000 employers.

There is also a chance of getting as a job as a care assistant who is employed in the healthcare sector to relieve the pressure off nurses.

– It gives better job opportunities for more people, especially for new graduates, says Annelie Almérus, Labour Market Analyst at the Job Centre, in a press release.

There are less job opportunities for staff at petrol stations, secretaries, financial assistants, investment advisors and staff who work at the checkout counter.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get jobs in professions that do not require any training.

Caption: There will be many occupational shortages in the future. The Job Centre has a list of what they are.

Julia Atiyeh/TT
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