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Hässleholm gets its own cage for Musikhjälpen

Hässleholm's own variant of Musikhjälpens (Music Aid’s) "cage" is now complete at Stortorget. The activities have taken off. The goal is to raise 100,000 crowns by the end of the week. The money is raised on behalf of victims of rape.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 12 december 2019
Foto: Andreas Lovén

The stall will act as a focal point for the local fundraising for Musikhjälpen. The initiative has already attracted much attention, says Johan Jönsson, Centre Manager, HessleCity.

– It's a lot of fun. We just do our thing and see how it goes.


There will be plenty of activities by the stall during the rest of the week. The goal is to raise 100,000 crowns for Musikhjälpen.

At the stall, there is now a TV that shows the broadcast from Musikhjälpen on Sverige’s Radio P3 "cage" in Västerås.

A major activity is an annual challenge that two teams from CrossFit organise. This year, the team will keep going with a ski machine for 24 hours. Starts at 7 pm on Saturday, with the "finish line" at 7 pm on Sunday.



This year's theme is "Sex is not a weapon". The money is raised on behalf of victims of rape, sexual torture, and those forced into prostitution and forced marriage.

This year it’s Miriam, Daniel and Farah who, for a whole week, that is, 144 hours, broadcast live TV / Radio directly from the square in Västerås.

Musikhjälpen has been around since 2008 in Sweden, taking inspiration from a programme in Holland.

Contributions can be made via the “Hässleholmsbössan”, which you can find on Musikhjälpen’s website.

Andreas LovénSkicka e-post
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