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Graduation celebration: From champagne breakfast to running out

By 8 am on Friday, Tivoli Park was already starting to fill up with happy students. A champagne breakfast is always tradition on the last day. This afternoon, the students will run out on stage, each school separately.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 14 juni 2019
A champagne breakfast in Tivoli Park is tradition on the last day.
A champagne breakfast in Tivoli Park is tradition on the last day.Foto: Tommy Svensson

It has been a busy time for the students. Last weekend it was the student ball. A few days ago there was both a carnival and a treasure hunt.

– We got to rest a little yesterday, says Dejan Bodirogan from class NA3B who doesn’t hold back on his emotions on the day of honour.

– This feels so damn good, he says with a broad smile.

The students run out at different times. Praktiska gymnasiet is first out at 12.30 pm. Österänggymnasiet is last at 3 pm.

The motorcade with students will drive through central Kristianstad as usual, through central Kristianstad, past Nya Boulevarden, Västra Boulevarden och Kanalgatan. But the student cars will be visible all over the city when the students are on their way home.

Foto: Grafik: Kristianstadsbladet
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