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Good opportunity for unemployed - The economic boom continues

The boom continues. This has been noticed by recruitment companies. This increases the chances of work, even for unemployed people who find it difficult to get a job.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 8 januari 2019 • Uppdaterad 9 januari 2019
Zeynel Albayrak, chef, and Dolor Söderbom, EnRival.
Zeynel Albayrak, chef, and Dolor Söderbom, EnRival.

Dolor Söderbom works for the company EnRival. He has talked to the owner of Skyrup's golf restaurant, who is looking for a chef.

The owner wants the chef's personal information, CV and is ready to interview.

– I notice immediately if it is a serious process, says Dolor Söderbom. Here the employer has a plan and wants to have his Head Chef to attend an interview. It's not just: "send him here and we'll see".

EnRival works in cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen (the Job Centre) in Hässleholm. The task is to provide support for job seekers and help match them to a job and an employer.

Right now it's going well. Many companies are looking for people. A local example is Bergendahls, which is currently building up its e-commerce. They are looking for people to work in the warehouse and with logistics.

Dolor Söderbom says that Arbetsförmedlingen has clear rules for cooperation with external operators. The rules have been tightened - there have been unreliable operators.

The operators receive a rating. All job-seekers are given information about the rating.

Not all unemployed people get help.

– One requirement is that you have been jobless for a long time. In extreme cases, this is about five years, says Dolor Söderbom.

Chef Zeynel Albayrakj is eligible to get a job at the golf restaurant. He completed his training in April.

– Since then I have applied for various chef roles, he says.

Now it seems to be coming together. Several employers have shown interest.

– I hope the interview at Skyrup goes well. I would love to work there.

In the long run, he wants to run his own business.

– The dream is to one day have my own restaurant. But first I want to improve, gain experience and above all make food that is appreciated by the guests.

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