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Göing of the Year: Jarl Sjunnesson got the most votes

This year’s Göing is an organic farmer who has managed to put Göinge on the map with his farm concept. On Thursday, Jarl Sjunnesson at Baggagården got the news about the prize.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 3 maj 2019
Jarl Sjunnesson was one of five nominees for Göing of the Year.
Jarl Sjunnesson was one of five nominees for Göing of the Year.Foto: Tommy Svensson

– A wonderful ambassador for Östra Göinge, says Municipal Councillor Patric Åberg (M) who was the first to congratulate him with flowers.

Jarl Sjunnesson runs organic farming and the company Baggagården, just outside of Broby. He breeds cattle from the Aberdeen Angus breed.

– I was taken by surprise; I had just crawled out of the sowing machine that was broken. I sat with my mouth full of food, says Jarl Sjunnesson, who was pleasantly surprised.

He has been running the farm since 1995. Eight years ago he decided to invest in organic farming. He and his wife Karolina decided to open a farm shop four or five years ago. These days, his eldest son Gustav also works for the company.

Jarl is also a well-known singer and musician in Östra Göinge. Since summer 2017, Baggagården runs popular food and music walks.

– There is as much music as food, says Jarl who sings and plays accordion, double bass, recorder and piano.

In the municipality's motivation for choosing Göing of the Year it states: "With a love for both the animals, his profession, good food, music and the district, he is a fantastic ambassador for Östra Göinge".

On the 9th of May, during Göinge evening in Knislinge Folkets Park, it will be time to celebrate Göing of the Year. Many other award winners and scholarship holders from Östra Göinge will also be celebrated then.

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