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Goal reached: there are now 15,000 Göingar’s

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019, Östra Göinge Municipality makes history: there are now 15,000 Göingar’s.
Now the work continues to make the residents proud.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 28 augusti 2019
Daniel Jönsson (M), Östra Göinge.
Daniel Jönsson (M), Östra Göinge.Foto: Leo Pettersson

Since 2008, the municipality has had the goal of reaching 15,000 inhabitants. On Tuesday, the goal was reached - 15015 Göingar’s.

Municipal Councillor Daniel Jönsson (M) is pleased. But there is more to do, he says.

– It's good, but we have to keep going. The number is not the important thing, but pride is. Now the work continues so that more Göingar’s can be proud and more people have their own livelihood, he says.

How will residents be more proud?

– Schools and elderly care should be good and the villages should be nice and tidy. And those who live here should feel safe.

The increase is due to more people moving into the municipality than moving out. And it’s people from other municipalities in Sweden that are moving in.

– And at the top is the increase in immigrants from abroad, says Daniel Jönsson.

The goal was set in 2008. At that time, there were 13,662 inhabitants.

The municipality will celebrate reaching its goal. On September 21st there will be ice cream for everyone who comes to the Skördemarknaden (the Harvest Market) in the square in Broby.

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