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Fryshuset relocates – gets workshop in the new premises

Fryshuset needs bigger premises. In addition a workshop for young people with cars and motor-bikes. In February they will transfer to the former Papermill area.
This is where Fryshuset will move in in February, to the basement under Träningsbruket and the Chernobyl committee.
Foto: Marie-Louise Lindell

Everybody at Fryshuset is delighted – at last it has all worked out.

– Now we can be a proper meeting-place, says Sören Davidsen, acting operations manager.

They will move into the building where Träningsbruket and the Chernobyl committee have their premises.

– We’ll move in on the floor below them.

The move gives Fryshuset three times as much space, with room for a meeting-place, dance and music. And a studio too.

– To get everything under one roof helps inclusion and integration. You can be interested in tinkering with cars and mopeds and hanging around the workshop even although you don’t have a vehicle of your own. Or if you just want to take it easy at the meeting-place, Sören Davidsen explains.

Fryshuset can make the move in February.

Sören Davidsen, Fryshuset.
Foto: Christian Gradholt