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Fryshuset ready to help young people to work and study

Fryshuset is now ready. Fryshuset will help unemployed young people to get a job or to study.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 7 februari 2019
Sören Davidsen, Fryshuset in Broby.
Sören Davidsen, Fryshuset in Broby.Foto: Carl-Johan Liljedahl

It’s Arbetsförmedlingen (the Job Centre) that assigns young people to Fryshuset in Broby. The initiative is called "Support and matching". What is "Support and matching"? Well, the support is for those who are registered at the Job Centre and can work, but need more support to get a job.

The unemployed receive a case worker and support that is adapted to each individual. It will help them find a job or study quicker.

For example, young people can get help with finding and applying for jobs, writing applications and help with business contacts, study and vocational guidance, study visits and more.

Fryshuset in Östra Göinge has a bold commitment - by 2022 the municipality will have the lowest unemployment among young people in Sweden.

Fryshuset is also helping 15 high school students to find summer jobs.

The Youth culture activity has also started, including "Dance for girls" among other things. There is a group for young people who are aged between13-16 years old and a group for 17-22 year olds.

Fryshuset is also looking for a suitable premise where young people can work on vehicles.

Fryshuset is a non-profit organization that is religiously and politically independent.

The activities are financed by grants from foundations, funds, municipal grants and support from companies and private individuals.

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