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Fritzon (S) first name on EU election list

Heléne Fritzon from Degeberga is minister for migration. But now she is taking a new step in her career. She will head the Social Democrat list of candidates to the EU parliament in May.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 18 januari 2019
Heléne Fritzon.
Heléne Fritzon.Foto: Tommy Svensson

Fritzon has been a member of the government since 2017, as minister for migration and deputy minister of justice. She will leave the positions when the new Löfven government takes over on Monday.

One of the things Fritzon wants to direct her attention to is to get more people to go and vote in the EU election.

– In Sweden, participation is high in general elections. It's a challenge to increase participation in the EU election as well. The question is, what kind of Europe do we want? I've said that Europe needs Sweden and Sweden needs Europe.

She was asked if she wanted to stand for the EU-parliament immediately after last autumn's election. She accepted straight away.

– I know that EU politics are important for example in Sweden, Fritzon says.

As well as the threat from right-wing forces, she sees ”an effective labour market with fair conditions and wages” and environment and climate politics as some of the most important questions for EU.

A few years ago you wanted to slow down a bit, now you're speeding up instead?

– Ha,ha,ha, yes, nothing has come of that idea yet. Now I'm heading into this at full speed.

The Social Democrats have five seats in the EU parliament. Marita Ulvskog, Olle Ludvigsson and Anna Hedh are not standing for a new period, but Jytte Guteland and Aleksander Gabelic want to continue.

The election to the EU parliament will be held on 26th May.

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