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Fredrick was first to come out at CSK - "I am very happy"

Fredrick was the first to be born at CSK Kristianstad this year. At 00.34 he entered the world. "I am very happy," says the new mother.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 3 januari 2019
Fredrick came to the world at 00.34 on January 1st.
Fredrick came to the world at 00.34 on January 1st.Foto: Bosse Nilsson

It was a very tired mother that met Kristianstadsbladet at CSK's BB department. The son should have been born normally. But there was a complication, so it was an emergency C-section.

Both mother and child are doing well on New Year's Day, in the afternoon.

- I am very happy, says Emyramola Peter.

She became a mum for the first time.

The son should have actually been born on the 22nd of December. Instead he was born at 00.34 on New Year's Day.

- He decided to wait for the New Year. January 1st is a good day. It's special all over the world, says Emyramola.

The mum lives in Hässleholm together with Sam Fermi, father of the child.

The new father was out shopping food when Kristianstadsbladet came to visit.

- But of course he is also happy, says Emyramola.

The name of the child had already been decided. The boy will be named Frederick. He weighs 2860 grams and is 49cm long.

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