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Fled from war in Syria – shot in Hässleholm

Two Syrian brothers were found shot outside a nursery school on 12th December 2019. Now the trial of two of the three suspected perpetrators is in progress. They are suspected of attempted murder.
Malmö/Hässleholm • Publicerad 5 maj 2020
On 12th December 2019 two brothers were shot near a nursery school in Hässleholm. The trial is now in progress.
On 12th December 2019 two brothers were shot near a nursery school in Hässleholm. The trial is now in progress.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

In the cellphone film that is shown in court two people can be seen lying shot on a pavement in Trebackalånggatan, close to a nursery school. The victims are two brothers who fled from the war in Damascus in 2013. The elder brother is the more seriously injured. He is brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, and later has to lie in a hospital bed in the courtroom.

– Before the incident the brothers’ prospects in Sweden were good, says prosecutor Helena Ljunggren in her presentation of the case at the beginning of the trial in the high security room in Malmö.

The two suspects, who are cousins, are in their 20’s. They are accused of aggravated assault and attempted murder. They hav been under arrest since the end of December.

A third person, a 35-year-old relative of the cousins, is also under suspicion, but he has disappeared, and is being sought both nationally and internationally.

On 12 th December last year one of the Syrian brothers was going to park his car in a parking space. Three people stood in his way and they refused to move.

When the man had parked his car, there was an exchange of words and the man was knocked to the ground. Later, when the man went out along with his brother, they were shot at without any warning by the three people.

Police marked finds in several places.
Police marked finds in several places.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

The two suspected cousins fled from the scene but were soon caught by the police. The third man, who is aged about 35, knows the brothers from his job at Bergendahls. The elder brother was the 35-year-old’s mentor.

The cousins deny the crime.

Prosecutor Helena Ljunggren says that late in the proceedings one of the cousins presented an alibi showing that he had not been at the scene of the crime.

– I would maintain that it is untrue. Unfortunately restrictions at the jail have not been effective.

The other cousin now says that he was at the scene, but was hiding behind a bush, and ran off in a panic when he saw what happened.

The members of the court will visit the scene of the crime. The trial continues next week.

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