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Fewer unemployed people - but Arbetsförmedlingen may close office in Broby

Unemployment in Östra Göinge has decreased. The municipality is no longer second but in third place with regards to the highest rate of unemployment in Skåne. Pleasing figures, but the risk is that Arbetsförmedlingen (the Job Centre) will close its office in Broby.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 13 mars 2019
Thomas Hannjö, Manager of the Job Centre in Broby.
Thomas Hannjö, Manager of the Job Centre in Broby.Foto: Tommy Svensson

The statistics for the Job Centre for February show pleasing figures.

Statistics for February show that Östra Göinge has the largest decrease in Skåne since January.

Aside from Malmö which tops the statistics, Perstorp in second place and Östra Göinge third.

– It looks good compared to last year, says Thomas Hannjö, Manager of the Job Centre in Broby.

It’s a result of cooperating with Östra Göinge municipality and a better labour market. The number of unemployed people has decreased from 364 to 259 people. If you include people in different programs, the number has decreased from 986 to 829 people.

The rate of unemployment has fallen from 14,5 to 12,4 per cent in one year.

– Even more foreign-born people have a job, says Hannjö.

Unemployment among young people aged 18-24 has also decreased, from 22,2 per cent to 18,5 per cent.

– We are currently working with 132 unemployed young people, says Thomas Hannjö.

– We have launched a new project, "Young future". In the project, case handlers work with fewer people. Spending more time on each individual is usually successful, says Hannjö.

He is most worried about the Job Centre cutting back on the number of staff and how it will work with new private actors who are supposed to get more people into work.

– 80 per cent of unemployed people in Östra Göinge are young people, newly arrived immigrants and disabled people. We do not know what plan the private actors have for these groups and how they will be affected.

There is a great risk that the Job Centre will close its office in Broby.

– We want to continue our great cooperation with the municipality, but may have to do it in a different way, says Hannjö.

He will find out if the office will be closed at the end of March.

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