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Fewer thefts in the corona crisis

Over the past month the number of crimes has gone down, as is shown in new statistics from Polisregion Syd. For instance the number of thefts has fallen by about 20 per cent. The drop in crimes may be due to the new corona virus.
Skåne • Publicerad 20 maj 2020
Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Between last April and this April the number of reported crimes has gone down by three per cent in Polisregion Syd, that is, the area covering Skåne, Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg.

Thefts (-19.9 per cent) and crimes of violence (-9 per cent) have gone down most. The number of traffic offences has also fallen (-6.9 per cent).

The police think that not so many burglars operate when people are at home. Violence is also reduced when fewer people are out and about.

But there are crimes that show a big increase compared with last year. Drug crimes have risen by more than 31 per cent.

According to the police this is because of the Rimfrost campaign. Large amounts of drugs have been confiscated. Damage to property has also increased, by 38,9 per cent as compared with last April.

In Malmö the big increase is due to damage to cars. Many cars in Malmö have had their paintwork scratched.

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