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Explosion in pizzeria woke neighbours up

On Friday night a type of explosive device detonated at pizzeria Baltazar on Västra Storgatan. The loud bang woke all the sleeping neighbours.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 5 augusti 2019
On Friday night, the entrance door of pizzeria Baltazar was damaged in an explosion. A board has been put up on the door and window.
On Friday night, the entrance door of pizzeria Baltazar was damaged in an explosion. A board has been put up on the door and window.Foto: Carina Persian

It was around 1 am on Friday night that several people heard a loud bang in central Kristianstad and alerted the emergency services. Kristianstadsbladet quickly received information that there was an explosion at pizzeria Baltazar on Västra Storgatan.

– I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie. Then there was this loud bang and white smoke across the street. I called the police. When I looked out, I saw all the neighbours standing and watching from their balconies, said a witness who lives in the area.

He thought it smelled like gunpowder. Several of his neighbours say they saw two masked men running from the scene down a crossroad.

– What I can say is that there has been some form of detonation outside and that the entrance door is damaged. What it was that detonated is not something I can comment on, announced Lars Lindwall, Duty Officer for the police in Region Syd.

The police cordoned off a large area. At 4.30 am the bomb squad from Malmö came to the scene.

On Saturday morning, Martin Larsson, Internal Officer with the Kristianstad police told us that the forensic investigation was complete and that the barricades had been removed. The incident has been classified as destruction causing public endangerment. There are currently no suspects

The police took statements from people at the scene during the night.

Is there any threat to the pizzeria or the people connected to it?

– No. There is nothing to indicate that.

On Sunday, police continued to talk to residents in the area. The police are also trying to check if there is any surveillance footage.

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