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EU Project: Östra Göinge combats extremism

Östra Göinge is the only municipality in Skåne to be included in the Eu project ”Stronger Together”. The aim is to combat radicalisation and violent extremism (right, left and Islamistic) in school.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 25 september 2019
Sofi Aurell Nordlund (school nurse) and Lena Månsson (co-ordinator for newly-arrived pupils).
Sofi Aurell Nordlund (school nurse) and Lena Månsson (co-ordinator for newly-arrived pupils).Foto: Carl-Johan Liljedahl

The programme, which runs over two years, began in the autumn of 2018. Taking part are teachers and pupils in classes 4–6. The pupils’ parents are also involved.

In Sweden the project goes hand in hand with the schools’ own work on basic values as part of the curriculum.

A digital game is part of the programme, which is intended to encourage a dialogue about social integration, morals, self-control and critical thinking. The purpose is to prevent social exclusion and criminalisation. It is also intended to pre-empt radicalisation.

– This project provides teachers with material to work with. It’s really exciting, says Stefan Lundin, IKT pedagogue in Östra Göinge.

Are there any radicalised pupils in Östra Göinge?

– No, we don’t have any, according to the definition made by SÄPO. They look at left-wing, right-wing and Islamistic radicalisation, says Lena Månsson, co-ordinator for newly-arrived pupils.

Sofi Aurell Nordlund, who is school nurse, agrees:

– And that’s why it is important to work preventively. If there were any radicalisation already, we would have had to use other methods, she says.

Other schools taking part in the project are from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Macedonia and Italy.

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