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Disputes within Centre Party over party finances for diversity projects

A diversity project in the Centre Party in Kristianstad has caused disputes within the party. Criticism is now growing internally. Members are in disagreement over the nomination of Qalinle Dyaib as Chairman of the Technical Committee.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 15 januari 2019
Qalinle Dyaib (C).
Qalinle Dyaib (C).Foto: Inga-Lill Bengtsson

Cracks are growing internally in the Centre Party after the decision to once again nominate Qalinle Dayib as Chairman of the Technical Committee. Now it's about unpaid employer's contributions.

25 000 crowns of the party's money has gone to a personal election campaign, which is in breach of the rules. This has been confirmed by, among other things, invoices and Facebook ads.

– 10 000 crowns has been paid out by the Centre Party to Qalinle to hire eight electoral staff who distributed ballot papers in Gamlegården. No employer contributions or taxes have been paid. No accounts have been submitted. The conclusion is that it is undeclared wages that have been paid out, says Fredrik Birgersson, Treasurer for the Centre Party.

The Centre Party’s board has previously stated that the accounting of the diversity project has been correct. Karl Gemfelt, Chairman of the local steering committe, has stated that the accounting has been approved, and that all question marks have been straightened out.

Birgersson believes that the Board has tried to cover-up the deal.

– The entire cover-up means that they publicly question my competence as a Treasurer and the work I have been doing for four years, he says.

Following the new information that has now come to light, Karl Gemfeldt has called for an extra Board meeting.

The meeting will be held this week.

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