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Corona: No new cases in Skåne today - three in intensive care

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Skåne is the same as yesterday: 209 people. Of these, three are people are being treated in intensive care and three are in isolation.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 18 mars 2020
Foto: Mikael Persson

About 2,600 people in Skåne have had samples taken, and 209 cases have been found. This means that no new cases have arisen in the past 24 hours.

– Those that have mild symptoms and do not need to be hospitalised should stay at home and follow advice on self-care, says Eva Melander, Infection Control Doctor at Region Skåne, in a press release.

– Those with mild symptoms will not be tested, even if there is suspicion of covid-19. We appeal to the public to be understanding of this. We need to prioritise the sampling of our most vulnerable residents, she says.

The Healthcare helpline on telephone number 1177 has gotten more staff. But it's not enough. Manager Sune Svensson appeals:

– 1177 is just for those who are sick.

– We get many calls with questions about the coronavirus. If you have questions, you can find out more information on krisinformation.se or call 11313, he appeals.

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