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Corona: 15 people have died in Skåne – Armed Forces helping out with three ambulances

15 people have died from covid-19 in Skåne. 51 infected people are being treated in hospitals, 14 of them are in intensive care. Region Skåne is now receiving help from the Armed Forces with three ambulances. And nine cars with sampling teams who will drive to residences for the elderly and disabled across Skåne.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 6 april 2020
Foto: Tom Wall

Elderly and disabled people with suspected covid-19 will not have to leave home to get tested. Nine cars with healthcare staff will go out and take samples instead. If someone turns out to be infected, the person can be isolated quickly to avoid the risk of infecting others living in the same accommodation.

And the Armed Forces will send three of its ambulances to Skåne soon. These will help in transporting covid-19 patients who need intensive care when moving between hospitals in Skåne.

At present, there are 349 cases of covid-19 that have been detected in Skåne, 4,578 people have been tested. But samples are only taken from people who need to be admitted to hospitals and residential homes.

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