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Café Årum is testing evening opening hours - hopes to serve wine

Café Årum at Naturum is taking a chance with evening opening hours and all out French bistro, with frog legs and snails on the menu.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 januari 2019

Restaurant owner Alexandre Albaret is pleased with how it’s been going for the café during its first one and a half years. Now he wants to invest entirely in a French bistro.

He wants to maintain the ambition that it should not be expensive to eat out.

– I think Kristianstad residents feel that it is expensive to go out and eat in the evening. If it is cheaper, they can go out more often.

Alexandre Albaret is going to test opening hours on Friday and Saturday evenings, starting March-April. In February, he will apply for an alcohol license.

In the past, the café has had some "non-French" elements, for example Swedish cinnamon buns in the patisserie shop. In the future, there will only be French music played from the speakers, French pastries and French dishes on the menu.

– At the same time that we start with evening opening hours, we will also start with classics such as French snails and frog legs on the menu, says Alexandre Albaret.

He also has an idea of an oyster bar on Fridays where oysters will be served with champagne.

Alexandre Albaret took over Café Årum at Naturum in Kristianstad 1 and a half years ago.

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