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Big brawl in car park – one man assaulted

Police were called to the car park at Netto on Saturday afternoon. Around 20 people were there. Someone or some of them had tried to pull a person out of a car and beat him.
Näsby • Publicerad 1 april 2019 • Uppdaterad 4 april 2019
ARKIV.080323. Polisbil i strålkastarljus.Foto Hasse Holmberg / SCANPIX / Kod 96
ARKIV.080323. Polisbil i strålkastarljus.Foto Hasse Holmberg / SCANPIX / Kod 96Foto: Hasse Holmberg / TT

A person called the police about the big brawl at 13.48 on Saturday. By then there was a large group of people in the car park at Netto in Näsby. The person who called said the group was trying to beat a man in the car.

– We sent a patrol there. They got good descriptions from the person who called, on both the car and the people who were involved, says Evelina Olsson at the Police’s control centre.

When the police arrived, people started running from the car park.

– The police found a man wounded, says Olsson.

The wounded man was in his 20s. He was assaulted but did not need to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The police chased and arrested an individual who was then taken to the police station. He was born in the mid 80's and was initially suspected of assault. The suspect was questioned.

He was allowed to leave the police station later that day.

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