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Beware of fake e-mails when you submit your tax returns

If you get an e-mail from Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) about you income-tax returns, you should be wary. At present fake mail from swindlers is in circulation. They claim to be from the Swedish Tax Agency - to get access to your codes and the information on your bank cards.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 6 mars 2019
Foto: Janerik Henriksson/ TT

The Swedish Tax Agency has issued a national warning about e-mail that is sent out now when it is time to make your tax returns.

The e-mails sent out by swindlers are easy to identify - a link is sent along with the. If you click on the link, you come to a site where you have to fill in your code and information from your bank card to have access to the money you were promised in the e-mail.

You can be quite sure that the e-mail is a fake. The Swedish Tax Agency never asks for your code or card information by e-mail or SMS. You can only submit such information yourself when you are logged into their e-services, but it is not a thing that they ever ask you for.

According to the police's National Fraud Centre, this type of fake e-mail is often sent out when it is time to make your tax returns. If you receive e-mail telling you to click on links or give information about your bankcard, your first thought should always be that is is fake, the police write.

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