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Beehives destroyed – twice in two days

Beehives in Näsby field have been vandalised twice in two days. Several thousand crowns and many hours of work have gone to waste. "I do not understand why someone would do this, you gain nothing from it," says beekeeper Nils Thuresson.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 5 mars 2019
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On Thursday morning, beekeeper Nils Thuresson received a phone call that his beehives in Näsby field had been knocked over. He went there and tried to fix it as best he could.

On Friday night, he received a new call.

- They had been knocked over again. There was a big stick next to it. They didn’t dare go too close because they knew the bees would sting, says Nils Thuresson.

- They have knocked over five hives and have removed the lids and cover boards.

Nils Thuresson has bee colonies in a total of six different places. As a pensioner, he is a beekeeper almost full-time.

This is the first time anyone has destroyed his beehives.

- Then it happens twice within a short time. But my hives have been robbed before.

- A colony is worth about 3,000 crowns. I have the bees as a supplement to the poor man's pension.

It is unclear who or what vandalised the colonies. On Wednesday night, a group of young people were seen near the beehives.

- I do not know if it was them, but I don’t understand why someone would do something like this. You gain nothing from it. It's just plain damage. I can't understand why it would be amusing either.

The hives in Näsby field are on municipal land. Nils Thuresson has the municipality's permission to keep the bees there. You can't farm bees anywhere.

- It is a good place for bees to collect honey.

Nils Thuresson has filed a police report.

What are you going to do with the bee colonies now?

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- I will simply have to collect the bees. Then I have to bury them to get rid of them.

1. Five hives were vandalised. Beekeeper Nils Thuresson will now have to bury the bees.

2. The beehives have been vandalised twice with just two days apart.

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