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Another death from corona in Skåne – Non-urgent care cancelled

A man in his 80s who was infected by covid-19 died on Saturday. He was being treated at Skåne University Hospital. And now healthcare in Skåne must be prioritised. Non-urgent appointments and surgeries have been cancelled. Many of the staff are sick.
Kristianstad/Skåne • Publicerad 23 mars 2020
Foto: Mattias Mattisson

The 80-year-old man had underlying medical conditions. He was being treated at Skåne University Hospital.

– Now our thoughts go to the deceased's family and friends, said Eva Gustafsson, Assistant Infection Control Doctor at Region Skåne in a press release.

Out of respect for the man’s family, Region Skåne will not disclose any further information.

”Emergency and vital care will continue as usual”
Doctor Carl Vigre, Emergency Response

Two people with the infection have now died in Skåne. In the county, there were 228 infected by covid-19 on Sunday. But fewer samples are taken. They are only taken from people who work in healthcare, who are admitted to hospitals or elderly residents in retirement homes.

Twelve people with the infection are being treated in hospitals, of which four are in intensive care and eight in isolation.

Do you think that you are infected? Then you can carry out a self-assessment test which is available on Region Skåne's website. The test will guide you in deciding whether you need to seek care or if staying home and taking care of yourself is enough.

You can find the region's self-assessment test here.

There is a lack of hand sanitiser, soap and protective masks
There is a lack of hand sanitiser, soap and protective masksFoto: Barzan Dello
There is a lack of hand sanitiser.
There is a lack of hand sanitiser.Foto: Barzan Dello

There is a lack of hand sanitiser, soap and protective masks. Planned care may be postponed.

– Emergency and vital care will continue as usual, says Emergency Response Doctor Carl Vigre.

Those affected by the decision will be contacted.

– I would like to urge patients who are concerned not to contact the health service and ask about their appointments. If you are affected, you will be contacted, says Carl Vigre.

A big problem is that many of the staff are sick.

– Our fantastic co-workers are facing a major challenge. But I see every day how they make the impossible possible, the creativity is huge, says Alf Jönsson, Regional Director.

Region Skåne has called on the government to keep schools and childcare open in order not to aggravate the staffing situation.

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