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After the fire: The kiosk has reopened

Linjekiosken in Näsbychaussén burned down in September 2018. Now the Salem family has reopened the store. “It's been a tough year. But we hope the customers will return”, says Safa, one of the brothers who runs the store.
Ali Abbed helps out in the kitchen at the Linjekiosken: "It's almost like running a whole new business," he says.
Foto: Mikael Persson

A month ago, the family reopened the Linjekiosken. The family has been running it since 1997.

– We know that the customers will return. But everything is new and we have to make sure that we maintain the same standard of quality as before the fire.

We have lost a lot, not just financially, says Ali Abbed who helps out in the kitchen.

On election night, September 9th, 2018, the family’s van, parked by the kiosk, was set on fire. A witness raised an alarm about the fire. It was quickly extinguished.

More than a year has passed since the Linjekiosken burned down. The fire was deliberately set. Now the kiosk has reopened.
Foto: Mikael Persson

A few days later, on September 13th, the kiosk was set on fire. The police investigated the fire as arson.

– We were very sad. The whole family has worked here for several years. It was really havoc, says Safa.

– It feels good to be back. Finally, says Safa. Are we afraid? No.

After an armed robbery in 2015 and the fire in 2018, the brothers have a greater focus on security.

– Now we lock the door as soon as we have closed. There should be cameras out on the road, then it would have been much safer here, says Safa.

– We don't know who did it, says Ali Abbed.