140 new summer jobs for young people in Kristianstad

140 new summer jobs for young people in Kristianstad. The jobs involve picking up rubbish from different places in the municipality.

The municipality has been given extra funding by the state.Now more young people will get the chance to work during the summer.

There are already 350 summer jobs, and they have already been allotted.Now there will be 140 more. The young people will work as rubbish collectors in different places in the municipality, both during the day and in the evenings.

The jobs will go to young people who have already applied for one of the summer jobs - but who were unsuccessful.

To work in the evening, young people must be over 18. They have a supervisor with them.

– One positive effect is that it gives a greater feeling of security when more people are moving around out of doors, in the evenings as well, says Linda Andersson, head of section at the labour and welfare committee in a press release.