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100 employers are looking for staff at a job fair in Malmö

About 100 employers are looking for staff for both summer vacancies and other jobs, at the job fair on February 7th at Slagthuset in Malmö. Jobs are available in healthcare, social care, IT, service, sales, construction, warehouse, transport and more. Over 20 companies are looking for staff for the rest of Europe, including Disneyland Paris.
Kristianstad/Malmö • Publicerad 5 februari 2019
Arbetsförmedlingen.Foto: TT/Kristianstadsbladet

There are different requirements in terms of education and experience for the jobs. The fair will be taking place at 10 am–3 pm. At 11 am-12 pm there is a seminar on jobs abroad, with advisors from Norway, Spain and Germany answering questions.

The fair will include 22 companies in healthcare, social care and education, ten IT companies, stores and a hamburger chain looking for staff.

The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media is moving its Head Office to Malmö and needs staff. Other authorities such as the Police, Customs, the Prison Service and the emergency services also need staff.

For Spain, Ireland, Italy and several other countries, staff are being sought for customer service and entertainer roles. Are you looking for a job at the job fair – take many copies of your CV and prepare a short presentation of yourself.

It is Arbetsförmedlingen, AF, (the Job Centre) that is holding the job fair.

You can find good tips on looking for summer jobs on the Job Centres homepage.

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