City festival affecting traffic

Stora Torg will be the centre of the City Festival.
Stora Torg will be the centre of the City Festival.
Foto:jens christian

Since yesterday, Tuesday, it’s become more difficult to move around in central Kristianstad. The City Festival starts today, Wednesday, and is on till Saturday, but traffic is being affected both before and after the festival.

In terms of bus traffic, the 2nd and 3rd bus stops for Regionmuseet are closed until 10 pm on the 14th of July.

Travellers are being directed to a temporary stop at the intersection by Nya Boulevarden and Östra Boulevarden by Sommarro.

For other road users, the roads around Stora Torg, as well as the car parks are closed until July 14th.

There is also limited access to Stora Torg, where the big stage and Tivolit is. Even Nya Boulevarden, Västra Vallgatan and Östra Vallgatan are closed off. However, the latter two are open to residents as well as deliveries for shops and restaurants.

There will be children’s carousels in Lilla torg and there may be limited accessibility there as well.